Large Scale Central

A test topic plus (or minus)

Let’s attempt to test this

What are you testing?

Anyway, I might have the user import working. I imported a test user, and it seems to work correctly.

Me? Mostly just wondering around, trying stuff as I think of it.

Not very scientific…

Lots of fun little **buttons** up top

Hmmm. I can’t use bold with indent or block quote

Wow. I can edit a topic! Very nice!

What’s the green 1 up by my avatar?

I thought I had it pegged at unread…but I have zero unread, so THAT can’t be it.
it shows up at the top of my page as a green 1.
There’s also a Online (1) near the top of my page. (Up to the third test ad? )

Had to put this over here…I’ve created too many topics, but in 2 hours I can create another! Yay!

That’s notifications of new content in a topic you’ve been in. I think.

It NEVER goes away. But, when I did come into THIS one, there was a Yellow 1, so maybe that’s the new content notification?

Wait, on the left? Is that private messages?

Yepper. I went into messages and read one and it’s gone now…pretty neat.