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A WHALE of a train wreck

That was a real fluke.

It sounds fishy to me! (

He was just trying to bait us.

Brummp, bump. I’ll be here all week!

Don’t forget to tip your waitress!

When spring comes, someone remind me to see what statues the garden center has.

Oh, and I had logged in to post this from Reuters,

Amazing! Apparently the sculptor, one Maarten Struijs, was just as astonished as everyone else that the whale tails supported the weight of the train!

EDIT: And, most importantly, the only one on the train was the conducter and he didn’t get hurt. I’ll bet it scared the Dutch pants off him though!

Hey! Wouldn’t it be neat if like in the Star Trek movie, The Voyage Home, they sent the original cast of Star Trek in a Klingon bird of prey to lift the rail car off the whale’s tail with a tractor beam. (And the alien probe would say, “Oh crap! This is too much for my algorithms!” And sail back from whence it came.)

Ducking and weaving, David Meashey

I bet the conductor was blubbering by the time they got him down!

while spouting bad words

while spouting bad words


Caption: Do you think these pants make my butt look fat ?


It is the only way they can get those wooden shoes down their pant legs!! Actually, I have my own pair of wooden shoes. They were made in Holland (Michigan). They are wonderful for working in flower beds, or when I have to dig with a spade in our Virginia red clay. Once the clay dries, I just CLOMP! the shoes together, and the clay falls right off them. Learned about the benefits of wooden shoes from some Dutch friends my parents had.

Best, David Meashey

Glad you all enjoyed my post. I doubt that the engineer enjoyed the experience. !

Heck, I got shook up enough the only time I split a switch on the Dry Gulch Railroad at Hershey Park. (Wasn’t my fault. It was a spring switch that got jammed with debris!)

Regards, David Meashey