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Accucraft Live Steam Shay Re

Been arm deep in projects and figured it was time to add another one. Took the Shay on the bench and was looking at moving the bunker pump and making room for a larger fuel tank.

Then remembered the problems I was having with low run times and heated water backing up into the bunker. Pulled the bunker removed the pump and then the check valve on the line from the boiler to the pump.

Saw some white fibers stuck inside the valve and noted the valve stem appeared to be off center. Opened the valve and removed the fibers. Saw the small valve portion was off seat and the surface holding the rubber O ring was bent down on one side. I have NEVER been in that part of the plumbing so it was a factory problem of fitting.

I managed to straighten the surface and reassembled it properly. A little function check and it appears the thing will work as it should now.

Am looking forward to firing it up again and see what difference it makes. I can only imagine the losses that were occurring! Fuel wasted, lack of pressure in the boiler because it wasn’t fully sealed and so on!

Now I need to look at that fuel tank situation…