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Baldwin Shark A & B Build Page

My web guy put together a nice sequence of my pictures/captions/videos of my build of the Baldwin Shark A & B locomotives. Some pictures have been posted before and a few years ago for the A. Thought you might like to see it all in order.

Thanks for the link; “awesome” build and consist!

Those look great Jerry. Thanks for sharing.


Very nice Jerry!

One critique on your web site, the words are hard to read on that “3 dimensional” background… I’d get rid of the background, or find a way to do a solid blue background behind text.

Again a beautiful build.


What kind of mass do those solid wood passenger cars have compared to the conventional options for model construction?

They are 1/32 scale, 30" long. Not sure of the construction, but are about solid wood, I think. Heavier than my MTH cars, have not weighed them. Maybe about the same as a USA streamliner car(they are heavy!).