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Bridgewers 15 Transformer

I just purchased Magnum 15S transformer. I could not be happier. It now from my new vantage point seems very silly to skimp on a transformer. Kistbashing cars etc in order to have fun and save money sounds great and on my simple level I enjoy it but I cannot image trying to cut corners on a transformer. This thing has power to spare which may come in handy as the layout grows. In that sense to buy what you need now may prove more expensive as you move from one transformer to another as I have done. The Magnum supplied power on my layout on level track (over 75 feet of track) to seven lited passenger cars, 2 cabooses, GP-9, GP-38, 2 4-4-0s, 20 tonner, LGB 0-4-0 pulling 10 plus freight cars. The amps registered at 10.8 and remained there for a long run. I also found Dave Sauerwald at Bridgewerks very helpful and Bridgewerks site very helpful too.

It always worries me when someone comes and gives glowing reports on a product to threads from last year.
There’s more to this than you know, and more than I’ll put into print, but the one thing I’ll say is nobody needs 24v supplies if their stuff is operating properly.
I can haul 30 loads up 150 feet of 4% with ONE Shay (Bachmann) with a 14.4v battery, and can creep at about 5 volts.
And no wires that need to handle 10.8 amps.