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Cant figure it ou!

decided to replace the bachmann 4-6-0 smoke unit (burned out, or maybe not) with the sd45 aristo unit…direct power to the unit itself and full of fluid, 45 mins worth of smoke…installed in the 4-6-0, 2 maybe 4 minutes before i have to turn off and back on again…once or twice at VERY slow speeds, unit would function as intended…thought the circuit board (the one the on/off switch in the boiler front) was maybe overheating…bypassed the circuit board-on/off switch and same thing…2 maybe 4 minutes then nuttin…then i thought maybe unit overheating and shuting down due to a lack of air in the boiler…so i drilled a number of holes in the bottom hoping this would aleviate the condition…2 maybe 4 minutes later same thing, shut down…what am i over looking here??? when it smokes it smokes great…adds wonderful animation going around the tree…very old fashioned feeling…but i am tired of opening and closing this darn thing up…any suggestions???


Any possibility this gizmo is drawing too much current??
Just a wild guess; I’ve never seen a schematic on how they are wired in the circuit.
Easy way to find out is put a resistor in series and test.



There are some reported problems with the early ones.
They are also level-sensitive, the smoke unit shuts off when the level gets too low.
Might want to go the the AC site and do a search.
The units in production locos seem to have the problems sorted out, but don’t know about secondary sales of parts.
Might be old stock in the pipeline.

In a loosely related issue, my 2 year old decided to “fix” my Shay. This involved inserting a screwdriver into the smokestack and roto-rooting everything inside. Can’t blame him… wanted to be like Daddy - 'course I don’t remember ever giving the shay a body cavity search with a screwdriver… Anyway, I’d like to replace the smoke gen with something more reliable. I’ve read George Shreyer’s tips first but was wondering if anyone else had a different take. I’m running straight DC but plan to go to constant DC later using Train Engineer. I know GS’s tis are geared more towards running PWC.


just going to take it back out and send it to aristo (geez)seeing as how the holidays are over…