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Cantara Loop derailment

Cantara Loop is once again the site of a derailment, fortunatly this time there is no disaster.

That is some interesting mountain railroading in that area. Several horseshoe curves.

Ron, yes it is.

If interested here is a video that my B-in-L and I did, dang I can’t brlieve that it’s been over 32 years ago!!! Anyway the first scene is coming down Mott hill and the second scene is starting down into the Cantara Loop.

The third scene is coming into Dunsmuire below the Loop and here thankfully they drop the damn diesel that was required for safty brakeing down the grades.

Nice old video! Charley was a great photographer well before the hardware caught up with his talent! Love the Wig-Wag signal. Wish he had caught it in operation.