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Colorado Model Structures

I keep hearing rumors that Colorado Model Structures has been sold and someone will pick up the line. When Bruce said it would cost $40000 to replace his mold machine and since he was in his 70’s, he decided to either sell the line or close it down. An email was dropped to San Juan Details about it. They purchased the Grandt Line Products when the owners retired, and it seemed like a good fit since they were not to far from the home of CMS. I was told that the owner of CMS was asking more that what it appeared to be worth and the deal fell through. I am now hearing that it was sold. Just wondering what you have heard if anything.

I would also like to know the status. Later RJD

Great product line and I would love to see someone pick it up. Might have to be someone who already has a compatible molding machine.

Yeah I wanted more of their products , they can be made to match different eras and there was a decent selection at good prices!

Thanks for responding, I hope we can find out the status. I would like to see the line picked up also. Lots of great products.

I had a number of their buildings when I built the big layout. I enjoyed dealing with them.