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Crazy Crystal Water Co. Reefers

In Mineral Wells, Texas one of the world’s best place for healing waters back in the day, only second to Hot Springs, Ark. there is a company which produced healing waters and they had a fleet (not knowing how many) of reefers with there name on them. I repainted them for our Club layout at Clark Gardens in Mineral Wells, Texas. Crazy Chrystal Water Co. was started in 1902 and it is still in business today, well they have a place where someone is selling water under the Crazy Crystal Water name. The club furnished the USA Reefers (new) and I re-painted them and lettered them with decals they furnished, I was happy to do them as painting models is the favorite part of the hobby for me, painting.


Nice Job!

I like seeing old photos of the actual billboard reefers that used to travel the rails.

I went to flight school primary training at Fort Walters in Mineral Wells (or as we used to say Miserable Gulch). Nice place, I loved Possum Kingdom Lake. Sorry to go off on a tangent. Nice Cars. (fond memories of the old Baker Hotel)

Great looking Cars


Beautiful work!