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Dans Steamup

Now that’s a steam effect - cool and not very windy in Maryland.

My K4 and Pennsy coaches, and Dan’s coaches passing with Noel’s Aster mikado. That’s Dan in the background, and Jerry (Naptowneng) up front.

I should have titled this thread “K4 Steamups” as that’s what I have been doing. Between a long boating trip and other activities, most of my trains hardly moved a wheel. The K4 was my go-to engine for the big tracks though, and I am slowly figuring out how to use the axle pump. I also got the oiler to work at last. For all you worriers - I did run it completely out of water a couple of times, and it has run half-a-dozen days without much steam oil. No signs of damage - it did run faster once I got the oiler really working!

Anyway, here’s a quick video from yesterday: