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I am looking at two software packages to run my Garden Railroad during open houses. I want everything to run automatically so I can enjoy the company of the visitors.

I am running a computer operated system now but it just does not have the current capability to handle Large Scale trains.

So I am looking into converting to DCC with all the latest stuff out. Forget the battery stuff it will not last of 8-10 hours continious.

The two packages I am looking at are Winlock and Railroad & Company. Now the two things I need is your individual experiences with both packages and also to find people in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that have the software up and running. I would like to talk and see the two packages before making the decision which one works for me.


Dennis Ü

Let me know what you find Dennis. Knowing what you have, I will be interseted in any comparisons.

Think DCC. If I can find a way to test the LGB wireless stuff I will post it here too.

Dwight S. Morgan

have you looked into the jmri ddc programing and controls software it is freeware and all java based.

We ran through 2 days of Convention tours on battery…never had any problem…

I think you use friends to run the trains at open houses so you can deal with guests.


Conventional or DCC, take a look at

Matthew (OV)

(edit Duh… should have said “Dennis” not “Tom” in the first place…

Thanks for the interest.

Yes I have looked at the CTI system, takes a lot of sensors to make it work. CTI does not function right now with the MTS system but does with a large list of other manufacturers.

I am looking for a current sensing system with grade compensation, collision avoidance and automatic train routes.

Not asking for to much am I?

Batteries have a problem in Texas heat, some of our members run battery power and the systems stop responding in the summer heat. This also goes for some of the DCC systems too.

I have been running a computer controlled, conventional power system for many years. The only problem is maximum power to operate an engine ( 2 amps), can only run small engines.

I have new conventional system now, but waiting on the next release of software.

I still wnat more functionality that DCC can give.

Don’t think it has anything to do with batteries.
It’s electronics.
Some overheat anyway, and even with the recommended fan cooling shut down.
Some function well, some with a little forethought.


Your correct TOC.

A couple of systems that do not work in Texas summer heat is Digitrax wireless (DCC) and Locolinc wireless (Battery).
When the sun goes down the systems start working again.

My computer system works fine in the heat with trains running 10 hours a day. Only problem is the sensitivity of the current sensors when the ground gets wet. I have to watch the buildup of my ballast next to the rails to eliminate any conductivity through moisture.