Large Scale Central


OK, who is going to York this year? Bart tells me he may show up. Who else?

I plan on going !

Made my reservations today at the Holidome, at least I won;t have to drive after the LSC/Branch Railroadian Services!!!

We should have 8 to 10 members of the Tidewater Big Trains Operators attending the show.


I think I can make it…;o)

I’ll be there.

Great to see so many going (including those who havent posted here yet). I’m staying at the Holidome, should be getting there around dinnertime friday. Look for me!

Fr.Fred and 4 other “Preaching” Branch Railroadians, will be there…Starting Friday…see you guys “At the bar” in the Holidome…

I’m planning to be there Sat/Sun