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Electronic Speed Control ESC unit

I read an advertisement somewhere that one of the companies that made ESC units for the RC airplane folks had developed an ESC for trains.  Now I can't find article/ad no matter how hard I look!!!!
If anybody knows who developed it, I would sure appriciate it if they would share that info.  Also if anybody has tried it I would like to know what they think of it.

Ken Johnson

I have used them in R/C cars. Very Very nice and smooth…I keep forgetting to see what kind of power capacity they have. Those little high wound motors suck ALOT of juice!!! I would pressume the current draw would closely match between the R/C and our trains…

Hi Ken.

Although I don’t make an ESC for R/C planes I do make them for trains.

My ACTION R/C EVO series throttles use any low cost stick type Digital proportional R/C and give smooth “glitch free” performance with batteries from 7.2 to 24 volts.
Set the speed and let the stick go. You can even turn the TX off and let the system run on its own if you wish.
Tony Walsham

I have to say that I use Tony’s stuff almost excusively, (I did get a Reeds System for comparison) and I have no coplaints at all with it, it just keeps getting better. The wiring diagrams supplied with everything are top notch. Also have to rate teh TEch Support as Top Notch as well, plus he has all sorts of accessory items that fit to his throttles, my Shay No9 has a Siera Sound sytem fitted to her and I usethe extra channel onthe TX to soundthe bellsand whistles.