Large Scale Central

Farthest North Large Scale Railway, Phase II, ALCANEX Consolidat

Phase II project in progress.

A Great Northern consist on the elevated Phase II railway near the Copper Rail Depot, summer 2007.


Ron, where’s the moose?

BTW, they have great pizza at the Roslyn Cafe. One of my rafting buddies works there.

The Great Northern mallet makes its turn east in the direction of Mt Wrangell–truly GREAT Northern country!

Ron, you can share your winter with us all you want. It makes for better skiing that way.

Just keep your skeeters. :smiley:

I think that I will steal your idea of using Roslyn, WA as a place on the CR&TC RR. I’ll move it to the Lake Wenatchee area to make use of it’s mining interests.

Completely ignoring the geography and geology of the area, in my world, the Northern Pacific sent a branch line up the Cle Elum River (which they really did, through Roslyn). In my world, the line continued over Paddy Go Easy Pass, down the Little Wenatchee River to the Roslyn at headwaters of Lake Wenatchee, where they competed with the CR&TC RR for the rich coal and precious metals of the region.

Its my railroad, I can make it go where I want it to go!

Welcome to winter in the Northwest…our monsoon season…:confused:

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I am reasonably sure that it is spelled Kittitas County, with a final “t”, not Kittikas.