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FMC or Alder Gulch #12

I am in looking for pics of the top of the tender on FCM#12. It has two weird box like things on the top. Does any one have some pictures or know what they are? My guess is a tool box for one and the other I cant figure out. I am making a model of the Alder Gulch Loco.

Thanks Bill


Assuming you are working with a Bachmann Connie as a starting point, as this is the exact model that Bachmann copied. it is really spot on from what I remember. are you talking about the two tool boxes on each side of the coal space? those are in the model.

Al p.

HI Al,

Thanks for the info. The more I stare at the web picture I have your right, They are tool boxes just made of metal with a round top. The angle on the picture made it look like two different things. I’m almost done and when I’m finished I try and post some pics. Bachmann was allot closer in the On30 model than the F scale one. I know it was originally a 30 in gauge so maybe they chose to make the tender wider and no smoke box extension to make it a little different in large scale.