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July/August GRNews Now Available

For those that don’t get it through their club, or just want it earlier than their next club newsletter comes out, the July/August issue of the GRNews on-line magazine is now available at the link. Enjoy.

And don’t forget to check out their Facebook page.

Thanks Todd…Never heard of orangedox’s but it worked…Nice to see fellow LSC brethren in there along with the LGB Amtrak but they didn’t show the very limited run once made.

Very well written GR News IMO …thanks again for posting it.


Downloaded, scanned, and spammed out to family and friends! Thanks for keeping this journal moving forward!



Todd, thanks for posting the link… Much appreciated… (

Wow Todd, the GRNews has really blossomed into a front-runner publication!

Great spread on Bob Treat’s layout, and also on your T&LB.

Congrats on all the sponsors, seems like they’re all in!

My hat’s off to you and the team,


Thanks guys.