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KVRwy Ops Session and Open House

The Kaskaskia Valley Railway will be holding our 5th Annual Fall Operations Session and Open House on the weekend of Novenmber 5 and 6, 2005. This started out being a Sunday afternoon run of about 3 hours, but has actually turned in to a two day affair with the setup being as involved as the actual ops session. The KVRwy is a garden railroad with over 1000 feet of track and is operated by radio control and battery operated equipment. An area is set aside for live steam operations and track powered equipment can also be accommodated, so bring something along if you need to test it out. We can work you on to a track during the schedule. We are located 50 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri in southern Illinois. First trains are schedule to roll about noon each day. The backbone of our ops crew are members of the Gateway Garden Railroad Club, but we have many people dropping by. Trains run rain or shine. For more information, you can reach us at

Smooth Sailing,
Ric Golding
Kaskaskia Valley Railway
Carlyle, Illinois

Moving into final prep for this weekend’s events. Temps are supppose to be in the 60’s with a slight chance of rain on Saturday. I’ll be sharing with you some of the prep and improvements over the next couple of days.


If you need any help on Friday afternoon setup or if need anything in general (food or drinks, ect.). Let me know. Other wise we will be there on Sat and sun. from the looks of your pics with your father in law I see you added more trackage in the backyard.

Todd Siddle

One improvement or at least an attempt at an improvement, is signage. I’ve posted what I’m trying this time in “Operations”. You can see it here -

Dawn is beginninig to show and with it is a drizzle of rain and a forecast for more rain. This will keep some away, but the true “Operators” will just bring their own rain gear. Those that have crops and new grass to grow are already expressing the appreciation of the energies put forth to guarentee that they will have a good soaking of rain this weekend. And so pictures will follow. All is ready or will be as the weekend progresses.

Have fun!

Saturday went great with some newbies and old friends helping us get ready for tomorrow. Lots of trains were run and we had a weather call once when winds clocked over 40 mph. A couple of empty hoppers were blown from the track. No major damage and lots of laughs. Pictures? Sorry, didn’t happen. Too much fun running trains. Will try for pictures, tomorrow.

Sunday of the OPs Session started with a clean up of the wind and rain of yesterday. By 11 am, people started arriving and the work began. Dave Masters was amongst the front powered loop running a MOW to sweep points and check trackage.

While Steve Allen, started putting together some of the manifests for today’s runs at Owls’ Bend.

Once we got rolling, our dispatcher was already to start pulling her hair out as she guided people through the maze.

Food, conversation and friendship were enjoyed.

And the crews spread out to carry out the assigned tasks.

Mixed Freight was carried along with the passengers.

And a couple of “bottlenecks” had to be resolved with a personal touch.

But the assigned runs were carried out in both directions.

With trains running all day long

A big thanks to all our friends that came over and helped us carry out our plan of Operations on a small backwoods, tourist branchline in the Valley.

That looks fun, I hope you all had a nice relaxing day . It is nice to see folks getting together like that .
And it even looks as though the weather favoured you . Good pictures , thanks for sharing .

I won’t say we didn’t have a moment with some fast moving squalls. We just took that time to gather inside for some refreshment and enjoyment of the day. Its all part of the event. You tolerate the weather and know you are amongst friends.

Twas a wonderful weekend… Neither rain, sleet, snow, or hail… ummmmm, OK the hail did stop us a short time, however, it was tiny and passed quickly… Was two good days of train running, fine people and great food…

What fun! Too bad I couldn’t be there. Rained here all weekend.

Inbetween the rain squalls my family and I had fun. Ric always has something new and impressive done each time we visit his house. This time it was new signage and trackage. I overheard that a control tower was going to be added for the dispatcher soon. :wink: I want to say thanks to Ric for lending me a reciever after mine went down. I still have not got mine linked up again but I am trying. And the wonderful cooking by Jan I think I gained some weight on the cookies alone.

Thanks for a great time,
Todd, Rachel and Adelaide Siddle