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I have an Accucraft G-Scale, Rio Grande Southern Motor #2 (Galloping Goose). I want to convert it to battery operation vs track power.

How do I open it up to install the batteries, sound and control card?

I highly recommend that you contact Accucraft directly. Not all of this product were manufactured at the same time and Accucraft made changes on the fly. They should also be able to help you with tips on the conversion. Remember Accucraft is on the West Coast.


Mine has a handful of small bolt heads on the underside of the box. If you remove those, the box should slide right off. The motor is in the almost-middle of the box, so room inside is kind of odd shaped. It’s also a brass box, so you’ll need an external antenna of some sort.


I too have a Goose 2. There are 4 bolts underneath to remove the box from the frame. I am not sure what RC platform you planned on using, but I tied in to the motor pickups and installed directly into my Airwire. A speaker was installed on the floor of the frame and a Phoenix Sound Card was used. You will have plenty of room for the battery install and there are pre-drilled holes underneath for switch and connector installation. I run my antenna from underneath and can operate a good distance away with my T5000 throttle. Nothing extra drilled on top or through the body of the Goose.

I am currently working on installing the headlights and roof light using some micro LEDs.