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Phoenix sound system

well it came today after many sound systems first large scale was a kalamazoo with there sound yep my first steam loco with sound was very good! then we bought a rea rogers with sound yuck! then we went for a rea pacfic with sound uh ah bad disapointment. so we bought a ph steam sound ok but still wasn’t good. next move lgb mogul nice sound great train! then lgb came out with the white pass diesel with sound it was great well i didn’t buy wp. we got two yb sante fe they were great. well we got rid of most of my lgb got a fare price fer it. went o scale for a while with mth great sound great i got tired of trying to like 3 rail trains.
now usat came on the seen loved them diesels but missed the sounds tryed to convince my self i didn’t need sounds. well we went with ph sounds on nw2 big mistake yuck. well then we had the stroke and i just couldn’t stand these lovely diesels and no sounds so i called a dealer and he said yea ph hobbies got a new sound its great he said but i said i want a phoenix he convinced me why pay a hundred’s more for the phoenix. so i listened to him i bought 2 ph had them put in box cars cost me a lot of money but we got over that! so now we got a phoenix and its great got it today and love it cost more then other sound units but i got great sound now. its not my fathers oldsmobile but i like it and i am a happy happy rr again!
i like it so much were going to buy another soon as we can afford another one get it installed in my other box car!

so steve…you like the phoenix better than the sierra???

yes mark i am very happy with the phoenix have used it every day since i got it some times as much as 3 times a day. it is good!


Good but pricey, OTOH that’s the way it goes, isn’t it? You can buy three so-so ones or one good one.



Hans-Joerg Mueller
Coldstream, BC Canada

Yea, I agree. I love the Phoenix units I have. I just bought a Sierra to evaluate for the Connie. Will let y’all know what I think about it after I run with it a while.