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Power convert possible

I have purchased a Bachmann Porter 0-4-0. I am trying to start small. But, being the incredible newbie i am, i bought a loco that was trac powered. So i come to you, might there be a way in which i can convert this locomotive of mine into RC power? If so, please tell me what supplies i might need and such. I am at your mercy…

Ah, ye’ve come to th’ right place, laddie.
I happen to have a Bachmann Porter that I use weekly as the mine switcher on the mountain line up to Pete’s Pit.
I can put 14.4v of 700mah batteries in the side tanks (and I have those batteries), and an RCS MT-8 Elite with receiver under the roof.
On/Off hangs down on fireman’s side through floor, charge and aux batt jack fits in back wall of cab, with innards hidden under engineer’s seatbox.
Not much room for sound, but it all works fine.
I added a backup light I had laying around, any light will do, so you can have full-intensity, reversing lights.
I have all the stuff.
E-mail me if you want at