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Power For A Gas Mechanical

I’m scratchbuilding a gas mechanical railcar similar to the MAC 4-40 (see this month’s NGSL Gazette) in 1:20.3. I need some ideas on how to power it. Ideally I would use a motor/gearhead that would fit under the hood and a differential on the front axle. I’d like to keep the cab free for a speaker. I’d like the unit to have enough power to pull one or two 30-foot cars, as the prototype did.

Lee Metcalfe

Hi Lee, I will answer your questions later in the week when we get home from vacation. Please email me at: npcoastrr@yahoo.Com
Carl Tobin

Did you ever get this information that you were chasing.

I am looking at converting an Aristo RDC rail car into a powered electric drive using an aero engine driving a windscreen wiper motor as a generator. Any info I can get will be appreciated