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Profile and other stuff to get to 15 characters

Dang. I just missed it. I was in the middle of something, and “The Site” told me I really should update my photo in my profile. Wow, did I MISS that. I cannot figure out just how to DO that! Something to learn!

Pretty cool. Edit seems to work.
And pictures! NEAT - but almost too easy. Lets see…I wonder where the pictures are stored. (This is from 1908 - I THINK that’s my grandfather sitting on whosits lap) But the guy in the bowler looks a LOT like MY grandfather…

(2nd from the right in this old picture BELOW…yeah, that’s me on the far left)

I need to go look at my old pictures…that picture doesn’t really show it…(probably just playing on my memory)
Wow…that’s not TOO old…wedding day in 1973…

VERY easy to upload pictures…