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I find it “VERY ODD” that a the Massachusetts based Model Railroad Website like, LARGE SCALE CENTRAL, had NO MENTION of the Rail-a-Rama Model Railroad Show that was held YESTERDAY 11/21/04 in Foxboro Massachusetts, 1 mile from Gillett Stadium, Home of the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. I had been told in the past that these forums were used to PROMOTE the hobby. Just my thoughts.
Ron Sgroi

Not knowing about it, I cant promote it. If you have any other info about any shows, feel free to post them here.


Yepp ! People have to speak up and spread the word !

Dang it that reminds me . . . . I have to send off a list of all the N.A. LSTS happening in the next 6-8 months to our local all-scales society for inclusion on the website and newsletter. Before i started doing that it was just . . of course small scale stuff ! Great heads-up for them and also the local LS hobbyists who don’t surf LS websites !

I always stress to the small scales crowd or any LS person who has never had the opportunity to go to a LSTS . . . that it will almost put ya back on heels when you see ALL LS gear on exhibit {no sm. scale}


Hello Bob,
Please don’t take my post as a STAB at You or at the Forum, it was not the purpose nor the intent of the post. As I stated, I find it “ODD” that a MASSACHUSETTS based Model Railroad Forum with over 1,000 members didn’t have WORD-ONE about the show. As you know, I am NEW here and NEW to the HOBBY and I heard about the show by word of mouth from someone that I had never met. In the future I would hope and suggest that a club POST the “SHOW NOTICE” where ever space is available. I would also think that this minor effort would also produce MORE $$$$$ for the club.
Just my 2 cents again,
Ron Sgroi