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Scale chain

While I was in my local Dollar Tree looking for cheater reading glasses I found this item I think would work for G scale.

It is a eye glasses holder that is made out of small chain. In G scale the links would be about 4 inches. It is only one dollar

and you get about 20 inches of link chain.

Yard sales for jewerly is another source.

Yard sales for jewerly is another source.

Thanks Dan,

I found a necklace at an estate sale and my grandson used it as tie down chain on his prize winning Youth flat car load at the Nashville NGRC this year.

I buy my chain at “The Best of Everything” in Florida.

Thanks Pete,

I don’t think we have any “The Best Of Everything” in Northeast Florida. Are they like the Dollar Trees?

I purchased some cheap silver looking chain at Michael’s which looked about the right size, left it on the pouch for about a week waiting to do something with it and dang if it didn’t rust, what I would call a win, win

Thanks Bill

We have Michaels up here and the chain rusting interests me. Easy weathering.

My grandson soaked the necklace in vinegar for awhile to get it rusty looking. The vinegar also gave

the scrap steel load a rusty patina.

BTW my brother lives in Ormand Beach and he has a small outdoor layout. I can’t get him to use

some of my ideas to build some buildings for it. He does landscape it. He and his wife went to Nashville

with me and my grandson.

The crafts department at Walmart stores usually has an assortment on chain, just like what has been described. Some “Dollar” stores, also.

Since I had two daughters, I was always being asked to repair the little costume type necklaces they wore, mostly for fun. I was happy to repair them, as I knew the girls would eventually either tire of them or decide they did not want them any more - then the chain was MINE! Alas, they are both in their 40s now and buy quality stuff, so its back to those other sources you guys mentioned for me.

Have fun, David Meashey