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SD45 (SD60f) Seized Axle

I had a train day yesterday, and had a bit of a rough start. My Dash9 that led the wreck consist back in May started the day with a ditch light out. In the wreck, the conductor side ditch light broke free from the deck. I repositioned it, and the wires held it in place, so I left it as is. I’ll have to take it apart this winter and repair the damage. In the afternoon, it started working again, so I’m guessing it has a broken connection at the LED.

I pulled out my SD60f for a second train, and it stopped after half a lap with a seized axle. I spent the next hour tearing it apart, and repairing it. One of the motor connections broke off, so it was no longer getting power. I flattened a small piece of brass tube, and soldered it in place to extend the stub.

The rest of the afternoon went well.


Glad to see your mechanics could do the repairs, many have to outsource there engines for repairs and defiantly puts a dent in there budget.