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Sound Systems

I just came back to LSC. Forgot about it for a while. Have been reading posts about sound systems. Is it just the 2k2 system from Phoenix that nobody likes or Phoenix systems all together? I was just going to buy a couple of Phoenix systems because I’ve heard the difference between them and Sierra and I thought the Phoenix seemed to be quite a bit better. The price was a lot more as well but I thought it would be worth it. Thanks, Martin

Main question is, do you want to use RC or not?
VERY important question.
THere are some things I don’t like on 97’s, like sending in the chips for re-programming to do real-time r/c triggers, but the worst is their “chuff averaging”.
I have done sound professionally for 30 years or so, and I only use Sierras.
E-mail me and we’ll talk.

Thanks, can’t find your email so if you want to get in touch with me RC is a possibility but not to control sound. I like things done automatically, magnets. But that can change as well once I start reading more posts. Started GR in 97 but have since taken it out and am starting over.