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Switching remote turnouts

Hi guys. Does anybody know how to wire a VCS Magic switchman to operate two LGB turnouts? I’m using two LGB 17100 track contacts and want one contaxt to open one turnout and close the other at the same time. The other contact will then reverse them. I’m at a loss here and really need some help. Thanks.

I don’t use any VCS equipment OR run track power, but if you have a controller that throws a switch back and forth, just parallel the second switch off it and reverse the wires.

Curmudgeon Thank You for your advice I’ll give that try. Thanks again. CeeDee

Curmudgeon.Can you please be more specific. I am now trying to use two glass reed switches and two LGB turnouts. I need one reed switch to open one turnout and close the other at the same time, and the other reed switch to reverse them. Sorry to be such a pest but I really need some help.
Thank You. CeeDee

Like I said, I have never used any of Chuckie’s stuff, so haven’t a clue as to how it works.

One reed switch will NOT handle the surge curent needed to throw a lgb turnout motor. Might once or twice, but then it’s smoke city.
You are using a VCS control, right?
Does it have 2 reed inputs?
Problem is, if it doesn’t, you go through one reed, it will throw, hit the next, if you train hasn’t cleared it will throw again.
If your VCS unit can sence 2 inputs, and it has one turnoit motor output, reversing the wires on one motor causes it to throw opposite of the first one.
I just don’t know the input capabilties of the VCS unit.
You contacted Chuck?

Curmudgeon. I’m calling him today. Thanks for taking the time to ansewer my questions.ceedee

As to use of a reed switch to activate an LGB turnout switch “motor”, I have success with the LGB reed switch hooked to one wire of my 22 volt circuit to the turnout motor. No problem with any voltage destruction. I don’t know what electrical rating the reed switch has. I have also bought a reed switch (glass tube with two contact that respond to a magnet) that was over an inch long – it also worked fine.

Wendell Hanks