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The Lava Fire

The Lava Fire has been burning in Northern California for a week or so, very rugged and rocky country to the north of Mount Shasta. It has burnt about 25,000 acres and thankfully is now about 75% contained.

If interested look here

The following picture came to me by email and is just to good to not pass on to the train crowd, I wish I knew the name of the photographer but I don’t. I sure give him/her full credit for a great picture.

This is whats left of the last wooden trestle on Union Pacific’s (former Southern Paciific’s) main line north of Weed California.

Here is more information and photos.

Bummer. Always sad to lose a piece of history like that trestle.

One more news link.

Andone more link;

The Fire Train being used now on the Dixie fire in the Feather River Canyon in Northern C alifornia.

A sad day.

Agreat video taken on the Dixie Fire in the Feather River Canyon.

Thanks for sharing. These fires bring the anxiety levels to the top of the chart for me. When we traveled West in the Summer of 2017, they were the major topic of conversation. The current fire, the old fire of 20 years ago, the last fire, the conditions for the next fire. I know it is no different than floods and just something that you learn to live with. Have always felt floods were bad, but droughts were worse. Wish you guys the best, that live with this stuff.

More train action on the Dixie Fire in Northern California.

Wow, that looks apocalyptic!

Has anyone seen any updates or photos of the trestle reconstruction that they could post or link to?

double post.

Here ya go Paul,

Wow! I’m amazed that they could repair it so quickly, when it was so badly damaged.

Thanks Rick.

They really got it repaired in a hurry. Years ago a friend and I watched trains from the north end of that bridge.