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The RCS range has been revamped

Today a revamp of the RCS website was put up.

I have announced a lot of new products including a New smart range of battery powered automatic shuttle throttles under a new brand. Boomerang Auto-Drive. Because it will always come back to you.

Added to the regular ELITE range is a new 10 amp on board throttle for those that require some real grunt. You may not need so much power but it is available if you do.

Also the ACTION R/C EVO range has had a price reduction with the EVO-2A now becoming the least expensive R/C system available. Less than US$80 for the throttle and less than US110 when combined with a Tower Hobbies 2 stick R/C.

Please take the time to have a gander and let me know what you think.

Best wishes,

Tony Walsham.