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Trust Levels - I don't get it

I was just looking at the web page trying to Understand Discourse Trust Levels.
It states:

(Wow…how cool is that - I pasted from MY clipboard)

Anyway, I do NOT see anything that looks like that, nor do I see anything visible on my “user page” - where’s my Dashboard?

Or, am I just at the wrong spot?

Yea, Im not sure its really valuable for us, but it will add an additional wall to spammers.

They’re baked into the software, and there are trust levels above the regular users,that get moderator, etc, permissions, but they arent earned,I have to hand them out.

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There’s a lot to this…but I think it will work out nicely.
Change is hard to matter what…and I’m pretty sure you will tick off somebody with this, but you probably tick off somebody just by hosting a forum!

I havent figured out if we can quote in a reply

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It is possible…just not quite as intuitive?

I selected the text I wanted to quote, then pressed the quote button. Actually pretty easy, and it lets me select WHAT I want. Yet, I’m sure there will be complaints, but it COULD preclude folks from typing in the quoted part…right! - Not going to happen!!!

Heh…anything else that you can think of? Maybe need to let a few others get in on this to check it out?

Ah. The talk bubble in the “Enter a Message” box quotes the whole message, too. Thats what I hit, and it complained.

Aha! That’s how to do it from my iPad!

But it went away? I shall attempt to do better.
It worked that time. I probably did something wrong…