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Trying out the new forum. Looks good so far

So, is this the NEW LOOK? What do I have to learn? Well, the interface for one…a message referenced a profile, but I was in the middle of something…now I get to go look and see if I can find it!

This is bare-bones, right out of the box. I want to add an image banner like they do here

And I need to get the ad plugin and some subscription groups thing working.

You can see other places that use this package

Nice control. I can’t even create another topic for 24 hours. How will I survive???

Hmm…I need 20 characters or a heart balloon?:innocent:

Sheesh. There sure seems to be a LOT here!

Civilized discussion? Seriously? Eh, could be…

You cant make another topic? really?

Ah, its Trust Level. New users cant create more than one in 24 hours… interesting.

And NOT a bad idea!
Of course, I’m not sure that 24 hours is enough to trust ME!

Trying to get used to this…it IS different!

Not bad, actually. In REAL LIFE, who needs to create multiple topics on their first time? And, it DID tell me I couldn’t do THAT.
OK. I’ve “uploaded” a few pictures from my computer. What’s the limit?

A LONG time ago!
Check THIS out…(d’oh…don’t use Amazon photos…)…heh…let’s try THIS:

The lady, second from the LEFT in the wedding photo is now on the left in this pic, my bride is to the right, and the “kid on the right” has been promoted to the middle!

So…I DID find out how to edit my picture.

Heh…I guess the key is going to be what a “forum” looks like…

Cool. I AM also limited in my replies… I bet that pretty soon “the authorities” will also limit my editing…:crazy_face:

So…edit works, but I can’t create anything NEW :joy:

It just won’t stop me from pretending…

I need to try this from a “Mac” perspective…right now, I’m on a Windows 7 computer…

On the iMac this morning. 7 hours until I am authorized to reply. So I have to do it this way: EDIT an existing reply, plus I want to test this tag thing @rmccown. Are freight sheds a thing of the past? Won’t that mean the site gets VERY big? (and expensive???)

Oooh…it really does track the latest since you logged on…very nice!

Still odd to get used to the flow, but Im getting there. I got a notification for the tag,so that was cool.

I just change you to Trust Level 2 (member). Lets see what that does for you.

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Let’s see if I am “legal” yet?

Yay, it works! @rmccown
Plus, I like how it fills out the tag for me!