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So, what did YOU get/do/whatever at York this year? And, got any photos? Im downloading mine and will have them up in a bit.

I bought a few tools from the Tool Guy, an engineers cap for the VP, and one of the KLine GP9s to turn into some sort of NG GP9n in 1:20.

Good to see all of you there again.


Lessee…got 12 cars worth of steel wheels from St Aubins, should cover thehopper fllet thats building, and a 25 ton crane (damnyou Bob) from…ummm…whoever it was…Oh Yeah Charlie Ro. Got some vaccummed formed winders to play with too. Oh yeah, I got a Fiancee too, trains are good, but she’s a lot more fun to play with!

Way to go Bartmann, Best to youy and the future Bartmann.


Wow! What booth did you get your fiancee from? Hope they’re at the Midwest meet in May!! Just kidding dear…
Seriously, good luck too both of you. When’s the date?

I had a great time as usual. First thing I got when I walked in the door was 1 show car and a T-shirt. Picked up 100 Hilman's standard railclamps and many interesting things from the tool guy. 
Now to the Rolling stock; A BNSF covered hopper, a SF Gunderson intermodal car with the MOL and SF containers, a U-25 in BN for $90 ( a steal ), and finally the six pack of containers by USA trains. 
I had to keep my spending down this year but i brought my Girlfriend and she made up the spending slump. She spent alot and purchased The LGB starbucks car and the 50 ft Bulkhead flatcat In B&O ( chessie). The USA Trains Extended vision caboose in Chessie, Depressed center flatcar in Chessie, Woodchip hopper in Chessie and a Blue 40 ft Boxcar also in Chessie. I am begining to think she likes Chessie. 
After the show we stopped at the NS yard in Harrisburg and watched the trains for a while. My girlfriend had alot of fun pointing out all the cars that went by, that she remembered seeing at the show.    
Cant wait till next year and maybe I might get out to the MWLSTS.