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Birdwater & Raspberry RR Inspired Whimsey

Hi Folks;

How many of you remember the Birdwater & Raspberry RR cartoons that once appeared in Garden Railways magazine? I think some of my whimsical models were indirectly inspired by those delightful cartoons. Don’t know whether anyone will salute, but thought I would run a thread up the flagpole for folks to post BW&R inspired whimsical models. Here are a few of mine:

This whimsical “necessity accommodation car” certainly echoes the BW&R cartoons.

The “Little Deuce Caboose” is another nod.

The “Fast Mail” jet propelled railcar also harkens to the BW&R.

Although somewhat longer than BW&R equipment, the Tin Cup Car is in the same whimsical spirit.

OK, your turn.

Best, David Meashey

A.W. N.U.T.S!

David, I certainly do remember the cartoonish train pictures in the GRY magazine, looked forward to seeing it every other month and is what inspired me to build my Sugar, Shack, Sugar train caboose, certainly fun times. Thanks ofr the fond memories, Billsugar shack sugar caboose