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Chessie System and CSX SD40-2 pulling a string of grain hoppers

I’ve tried to copy and past the description of my youtube video here, but there is no option to paste the text from it in this thread. I’m not re-typing all that, so if you want to know…open this video in youtube. It’s in the description.

You got to run longer than me up here . It’s too cold and my railroad is covered in leaves and pine needles now. Looks great Matt , the railroad is coming along nicely. Love the long train .

Hi Matt,

Thanks for showing your neat train operating on the layout - very realistic, with some cars having graffiti! I count 28 cars, including caboose. It looks like you got plenty of room on the layout to add ever more cars.

Also, nice to see in your YouTube write-up about the CamPac boxes looking and working so well in the CSX loco. That’s what I strive to do.

Much appreciated,


The Chessie System Sd40-2 has brand new motor blocks in it and runs like a champ again. In this video, it is the second outing for it and the first pulling a train since the install. I don’t have the CAMPAC box’s installed on it yet, but I will soon. I wanted to take advantage of a nice day today to run a train.

The CSX now has a battery and charging port installed in the fuel cell to match the Chessie engine. Finally getting away from running a battery car. The CSX also has the new CAMPAC coupler box’s on it. These things are amazing. There is no flex at all with the mount, they are the right height, and they hide that nasty big hole USA Trains has around the coupler. Anyway, here is a link to get them.

FYI, I have no affiliation with them. I just like the product.

Oh, one more thing. The CSX is missing the front hand rails, mu hoses, and the plow. I ran out of time last night to get them all installed. I did finish the weathering on it though.

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Also, my neighbor was getting a roof installed today. So, there is quite a bit of background noise. Besides the noise from the AML hoppers squealing. lol

Looking good Cuz !

That’s my/your girl now !!!

Great capture at 1:50 into it !

Thanks Mike!! It’s been pretty warm down here for quite a while. It’s rather strange. But, tomorrow it’s supposed to be 20 for the high. So, I guess that’s it for decent weather for several months.

Thanks Ted! Yeah, I’ve actually ran 50+ car trains on my layout and all works great. That train still didn’t take up as much of the layout as I thought it would. But, if I keep the train length around 30-ish cars, it just seems too look better to me. I haven’t started on installing the campac box on the chessie yet. I hope to get to it tomorrow. It made a HUGE difference on the CSX. HUGE difference.

Thank ya Cuz! I couldn’t get it to copy the text for some reason. I should have held that shot at 1:50 for a little longer. But you’re right, that’s a pretty good angle! Thank ya!

I’ve always liked your weathering, Matt.

Nice video.