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Sad news about Tam Valley

Duncan McRee, with his company Tam Valley Depot, has long been a producer of innovative DCC components. Duncan has helped me with numerous emails on my ongoing switch machine project. But in a recent email from him, he told me he could no longer carry on the conversation due to health reasons. I’ll let his web site say the rest. This is from


Duncan just found out that he has stage IV lung cancer (no he never smoked) and is retiring immediately to spend time building his layout. The rest of the family are going to still make Frog Juicers; Mono, Dual, Hex; Circuit Breakers and DCC Boosters. All other products are discontinued. Between Duncan leaving and the parts shortage it is too much to keep them going.

Let’s say a prayer or wish a hope for our brother in the hobby, and a wonderful gentleman to all who know him.